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Visiting Egypt is a very pleasant holiday option!

What factors convince Poles to finally decide to visit Egypt? This African country, according to various statistics, is becoming more and more popular. Maybe you want to go there as well? By doing so, your money will be well-spent. It should be emphasized that visiting Egypt is an amazing treat for all history fans. So far you have only seen the pyramids on TV or possibly in history books? Now that may change. Many people decide to see such structures live (often for the first time in their lives). Where can you have such pleasure?

For example, in Giza. There are, for example, the Pyramids of Khafre, Cheops and Mykerinos. So does the statue of the Great Sphinx. What is still not missing in Egypt? Exhibits preserved from ancient times. And you can see them in the Egyptian Museum. There are thousands of elements of that particular type. This museum is now located in Cairo.

There are also other attractions in the Egyptian capital. It is definitely the Cairo Tower, the Suspended Church, or the Alabaster Mosque. What else is worth visiting? Certainly, the fact that this African country also has the Valley of the Kings. Just like Oasis Siwa, Alexandria, North Saqqara etc. Fans of water sports will not be disappointed. After all, Egypt borders not only with the Mediterranean Sea, but also with the Red Sea. So, you can, for example, swim or dive.

Many experts believe that Egypt has excellent conditions for sports such as windsurfing, etc. However, nothing prevents you from simply relaxing in the world. It is worth emphasizing that more and more people are using this option. By the way, admiring the beautiful views that are certainly not lacking in this country. Why else should you decide to travel to Egypt? Not only because of the numerous attractions. In addition, there are many attractive offers in terms of financial conditions. www