Egypt – what is worth seeing?

There are more and more Poles who intend to visit Egypt in the near future, for example during this calendar year. Why would I do that? Turns out it’s not just the weather conditions. Of course, you can’t complain about that in any way here. The weather in Egypt is very good. It is therefore a great alternative in autumn or winter. Don’t you like low temperatures? Have you had enough of the wind and rain or snow? So maybe it is worth going to this country in November or December? What else characterizes this African country?

Egypt is a wealth of monuments. The pyramids, among other things, are connected with this country. In Giza you can see at least a few of them. A very popular location in this African country is also the valley of kings. Why would I do that? What should you know about a place like the Valley of Kings? It is a cemetery located in Western Thebes. Here you can find tombs belonging to the Egyptian pharaohs. Tourists have a chance to visit the tomb of Ramesses the Great. So is Tutankhamen’s resting place.

No wonder that the valley of kings is a must on the map of every tourist. What else is worth seeing in Egypt? Without a doubt, this is the Suez Canal. The same goes for the monastery of St. Catherine under Mount Sinai. More and more people also like to visit Cairo. It is the largest African city. There’s plenty to do here, and Cairo’s life is really 24 hours a day. But Egypt is not only a pyramid or a valley of kings. There are also beautiful, sandy beaches.

The shores of the Red Sea or the Mediterranean are places that will appeal to anyone who loves to sunbathe or stroll along the sea shore. Such places are particularly impressive at sunset. If, therefore, you do not yet have an idea where to go on holiday, Egypt will certainly be a good choice.

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