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How to plan a tour to see the Pyramids and other sights?

Do you fancy traveling into the unknown? Maybe it’s a good idea to go on a professionally organized tour to Egypt, then? There’re lots of fascinating sights there! For those who are into history, there’s an opportunity to see the Pyramids. It’s not a secret that these are the monuments who we associated with Egypt the most. In which area of the country can you find them? It tourns out that in various, for example in Cairo. Moreover, there’re some in Giza, too. Visiting those pyramids is a real pleasure.

You should remember that among the Pyramids you’ll find the Pyramid of Chefren, Cheops and Mykerinos. As if it wasn’t enough, you can also see the Great Sphinx, which is also located in Giza. However, you should remember that visiting the Pyramids isn’t the only thing Egypt has to offer. The attractions are plenty, so remember that everything should be carefully planned. How to do it? First, you have to decide how much time you want to spend sightseeing.

Then, the route should be set in a way that will allow you to see as many places as possible within a short time. If you’re not good at that, you can turn to experts who specialize in that. What other sights can you see, then? It’s not all about visiting the Pyramids. A lot of people go to Cairo in order to see, for example, the Museum of Egypt. There, you’ll find tons of objects that date back to ancient times. What else can you find in Cairo?

There’s the Saladin’s Citdel, the Alabaster Mosque, the Hanging Church etc. And it’s still not everything. While you’re in Egypt you simply can’t skip places like Alexandria or the Siwa Oasis. The Valley of the Kings is also of a great important for tourists (especially those who are history lovers). Therefore, everybody should plan the route in order to see the sights that they personally find the most attractive. www