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What characterizes the Valley of the Kings?

Are you planning to visit this African country? What makes people take this brave step? It turns out, these are a couple of factors. It’s worth to pay attention to distinguishly favourable financial conditions. Travel agencies that prepare their offers carefully for the clients are numerous. Consequently, the bigger competition, the more affordable prices are available. It’s known that Egypt is famous for its great weather conditions and normally perfect weather is there all year round.

Still, it’s a good idea to check when it’s the hottest because the temperatures may be extremely high. It appears that this African country is also full of fascinating sights. One of them is the Valley of the Kings. What characterizes this place, so popular among polish and foreign tourists? The Valley of the Kings is a peculiar graveyard. Where is it exactly? In Western Thebes. Moreover, in front of…Luxor. Not everybody knows that the Valley of the Kings consists of two rocky canyons that cross mountain range.

The experts emphasize that there’re at least several dozen tombs there, which belong to the rulers of the ancient world. No doubts, then, that it’s a good idea to visit this place. What else is worth seeing while in Egypt? The pyramids. The place where you’ll find them is Giza. What’s curious is that nearby there’s the monument of the Great Sphinx. While in this African country, it would be a pity not to see Cairo. It’s necessary to emphasize that it’s the capital of Egypt. There, you’ll find, among others, the Museum of Egypt.

What ‘s special about this place is the presence of numerous objects that come from the ancient times. What else should you remember? In Cairo there’re even more interesting places, like the Tower of Cairo, the Alabaster Mosque or the Saladin’s Citadel. www