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A trip to Egypt – is it worth it?

Last time, when you were wondering whether to go to this country, you eventually rejected it for financial reasons? Now, however, you see that the prices are really attractive? Maybe this time it’s a good idea to finally go there for real? What is the reason why you will remember your trip to Egypt for years? One thing to remember is that holidays in Africa are relatively cheap. It results from the fact that you can choose among the offers of various tourist agencies, which are focused on this particular destination.

The more competition, the better price you can get… That’s the rule of the market, beneficial for the clients in this case. Another thing is that holidays in Egypt mean great weather conditions. Not everyone knows that this country is located on the African continent. Now you understand? It turns out that perfect weather is to be expected.

Even during months that we, Poles, associate with low temperatures and the cold. What else makes it worth to go to Egypt? It’s important to remember that you can count on many tourist sights there. Even in Cairo itself attractions are plenty. It’s necessary to emphasize that Cairo is the capital of Egypt. There, you’ll find the Tower of Cairo, the Hanging Church, the Museum of Egypt, the Alabaster Mosque etc. There is no doubt that Giza is a place to visit, in order to see the Pyramids.

Here, it’s good to mention that nearby there is the Great Sphinx of Giza. What other places should you see while in Egypt? These are, among others, Northern Saqqara or the Siwa Osis. Other popular tourist sights are Alexandria or the Valley of the Kings. There are also plenty of those who wish to see the Temple of Hatshepsut. www