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Valley of the Kings – a magical place in Egypt

You obviously have no idea where to go on vacation? You have your vacation just now? Besides, maybe you prefer to go on vacation in the fall season to avoid the biggest crowds? A lot of people decide to go to Egypt. Why? Because you can visit various, very interesting places there. One of them is the Valley of the Kings. What are the characteristics of this location? Why is it so popular? It is worth knowing that the Valley of the Kings is a special, one-of-a-kind place.

It’s located in Western Thebes. Interestingly, not far from Luxor. It’s worth noting that the Valley of the Kings is a cemetery. In this area there are tombs of the rulers of the ancient world etc. For history fans, but not only, it’s a really big attraction. However, not only the Valley of the Kings should be visited by you if you’re in this place. What else is also worth seeing? For sure we also have Cairo in our minds. You can see exhibits from ancient times there.

You will surely love them. What else you can see in Cairo? Not only the Egyptian Museum, which is becoming more and more popular. There is no problem to see interesting places as the Cairo Tower etc. What else is particularly popular among the tourists? Definitely also pyramids. They are inextricably linked with a country like Egypt. There are many such constructions in Egypt. What’s more, there is also a very popular statue of the Great Sphinx. What other interesting places are there in Egypt? It’s worth mentioning such locations as Siwa Oasis, Alexandria or North Saqqara.

However, Egypt is not only monuments. After all, you can spend your free time much less actively. It really depends on you. Egypt has access both to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea as well. Thanks to this, there are no obstacles to sunbathe on the beach or swim etc. You can do all these things under the blazing sun because the weather in Egypt is great.